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GT-630 GT-800 GT-1000
purpose For twisting PE/PVC shielded wire and core center wrapping and side tapping of the wire
Size of taking up 630mm 800mm 1000mm
Pay off bobbin 400mm -500mm 400mm -630mm 400mm -630mm
Inlet device Horizontal dual-line pay off device
Wire diameter 0.6mm -3.0mm 0.8mm -4.0mm 1.0mm -5.0mm
Wire dia. twisted MAX14mm MAX20mm MAX25mm
Twisting pitch 20mm -200mm 30mm -300mm 30mm -350mm
Rotation speed 1000RPM 800RPM 500RPM
motor 15HP 20HP 25HP
Brake device Pneumatic plate brake device
Wrapping device Wrapping direction can be S or Z, wrapping bobbin 250mm, material: cotton paper, and aluminum-foil.
Electrical control Auto-controlled and track by PLC


It will tap the cable synchronously.
High speed& precision
Comtrol system is computerized easy to operate
Setting value freedom and have memory in control sysem
Excellent quality for the wire & cable
Good working efficiency
Lowest waste
Automatic computer system controlled by button or PLC screen;
High precision and speed for this machine;
Excellent workmanship for each components;

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