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The touching screen is easy to control the machine. The servo-system and circumrotation system make the traverse action more harmonious. When the machine works wrong, it will sense the problem, and warn the worker. The memory system can deposit 99 different kinds of winding specification. Moreover, if you want to change the product specification which you've fed into the system, you just need read the material you've deposited, and need not adjust the machine structure.

PLC microcomputer servo system+ precision bidirectional sensing cylinders are used for control. It consists of meter counting device, materials feeding machine, line cutting device, automatic rolling and returning device, and material feeding machine.

Model GT-C1246
Height mm 40-120
O.D mm φ200-φ500
I.D mm φ135-φ220
Wire diameter mm φ0.8-φ12
Speed (Max) 500M /min
Time 5-6  S
Average output(for a 100M's coil) 25 S/coil

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