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Suitable for copper conductor skin-Foam-Skin chemical/physical foaming three layer co-extruded insulation precision extrusion;
PLC + professional data software, IPC+ operation storage display, process parameters, adjustment and monitoring Of production status.

MODEL GT-PF45+30 GT-PF65+35 GT-PF90+40
Pay off Motorized pay off Motorized pay off Motorized pay off
Pay off bobbin PN300-500 PN400-630 PN500-630
Screw diameter 45+30(sub-extruder) 65+35( sub-extruder ) 90+40( sub-extruder )
Screw L: D 36:01:00 36:01:00 36:01:00
Capacity (kg/hr) 25 80 170
Main motor 15 HP 30 HP 50HP
Wire diameter Φ0.8-2.5 Φ3.5-6.0 Φ8.0-15.0
Temp control 8zone 10 zone 12zone
Cooling device U type single layer(18m) U type single layer(30m) U type single layer(40m)
Pulling power 3HP 5HP 10HP
Accumulator  horizontal horizontal horizontal
Length of accumulating 200m 200m 200m
Running speed MAX300 MAX300 MAX300
Taking up type Double bobbin Double bobbin Double bobbin
Taking up bobbin PN400-500 PN500-800 PN630-1000


1. We produce all kinds of cable / wire making / processing equipment and accessories.
2. We are the leading manufacturer of  any kinds of complete wire and cable extrusion line in China since 2004.
3. We supply Site service: Install / debug / repair
4. Our machine has exported to over 63 different countries,like Germany,Poland,Italy,Russia,etc.
5. We electrical parts are used the international qualified brand, like Siemens, ABB, etc.

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