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Suitable for the extrusion of PVC, PP, PE, SR-PVC material.

Model 60+35 70+38 80+40
Finished Wire 0.22-7mm 0.22-7mm 0.22-7mm
Extrusion Material PVC, PE, PP, etc.
Dia. of Screw 60mm+35mm 70mm+38mm 80mm+40mm
Screw L/D 26:1+24:1 26:1+24:1 26:1+24:1
Max Output 180KG/H 250KG/H 300KG/H
Max Line Speed 1600M/Min 1600M/Min 1600M/Min
Pay-off pay-off stand. 630-1000mm
Main Motor 30HP 40HP 50HP
temperature heating segments 8+7 8+7 8+7
Wire Accumulating Stand Accumulated wire length 200m.
Quick color change system apply for extrusion line


1. We produce all kinds of cable / wire making / processing equipment and accessories.
2. We are the leading manufacturer of  any kinds of complete wire and cable extrusion line in China since 2004.
3. We supply Site service: Install / debug / repair
4. Our machine has exported to over 63 different countries,like Germany,Poland,Italy,Russia,etc.
5. We electrical parts are used the international qualified brand, like Siemens, ABB, etc.

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